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Panaramic Pictures
During my travels I often shot pictures in such a way so that I can put them together by using a PhotoStitch application. The result can be found here:
During various travels, subjects came back again and again. Of these topics I created screensavers. The screensavers can be downloaded below and they are equipped with an installation script.
Itinerary (Travel log)
Here you can download a itinerary of a trip as a PDF file.
Short movies
Below you can watch movies created by me or by fellow travelers.
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June 19, 2021

Travel vaccination
Diary and Pictures
Below you find the links to the pictures of the various holiday trips. The photos are grouped by day and have a caption. The travel report of that day is also provided.
Steden Citytrips
Wandelen Hiking.
Weekend Weekend out.
A t/m Z Countries traveling on alphabet.
1994 Scandinavia
1995 Ireland
1996 England - Scotland
1997 Tanzania - Malawi - Zambia - Zimbabwe
1998 Venezuela info
1999/1 Canada Info
1999/2 Silk Road Trading Route
2000 Yukon/Alaska
2001 Bolivia / Peru
2002/1 Mongolia info
2002/2 Portugal Info
2003 Tunesia info
2004/1 Marocco
2004/3 Patagonia
2005/2 Ghana / Togo
2006 Ladakh
2007 Ecuador
2008  Turkey
2009 Namibia
2010 Cameroon
2011/1 Viet Nam
2011/2 Singapore
2012 Myanmar
2013 Madagascar | Madagasy
2014 Malaysian Borneo
2015 Colombia
2016 Ethiopia
2017 Bolivia, Chile and Eastern Island
2018 Indonesia
2019 People's Republic of China
2021 Netherlands | Province Limburg
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