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Panaramic Pictures
During my travels I often shot pictures in such a way so that I can put them together by using a PhotoStitch application. The result can be found here:
During various travels, subjects came back again and again. Of these topics I created screensavers. The screensavers can be downloaded below. They are equipped with an installation script.
Short movies
Below you can watch movies created by me or by fellow travelers.
foto Davy Brouwer

Refreshed on:
December 9, 2018

Travel vaccination
Below you find the links to the pictures of the various holiday trips. The photos are grouped by day and have a caption. The travel report of that day is also provided.
Steden Citytrips
Wandelen Hiking.
Weekend Weekend out.
A t/m Z Countries traveling on alphabet.
1994 Scandinavia
1995 Ireland
1996 England - Scotland
1997 Tanzania - Malawi - Zambia - Zimbabwe
1998 Venezuela info
1999/1 Canada Info
1999/2 Silk Road Trading Route
2000 Yukon/Alaska
2001 Bolivia / Peru
2002/1 Mongolia info
2002/2 Portugal Info
2003 Tunesia info
2004/1 Marocco
2004/3 Patagonia
2005/2 Ghana / Togo
2006 Ladakh
2007/1  Luxemburg
2007/2 Ecuador
2008  Turkey
2009 Namibia
2010 Cameroon
2011/1 Viet Nam
2011/2 Singapore
2012 Myanmar
2013 Madagascar | Madagasy
2014 Malaysian Borneo
2015 Colombia
2016 Ethiopia
2017 Bolivia, Chile and Eastern Island
2018 Indonesia
2019 People's Republic of China
Refreshed on:December 9, 2018 © Dave Brouwer